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Who Is This For?

Our top-notch design services are tailored for established businesses aiming to boost their brand presence and elevate their market position.

Targeting High-Growth Businesses

Are you a high-growth business with aspirations beyond the ordinary? Our solutions are tailored for businesses that have crossed the impressive 1 million dollar revenue benchmark. We understand your unique challenges and opportunities. Explore how our cutting-edge strategies and services can propel your business to even greater heights.

2+ Years of Success

If your business has surpassed the critical 2-year mark, you're beyond the startup phase and ready for what's next. Our solutions cater to businesses like yours, providing insights and tactics that build upon your foundation and drive growth. See how we can help you achieve sustained success.

Established Social Media Presence

Your brand's social media presence is established and it's time to scale the success you've built! Let's turn those followers into passionate advocates. Our services specialize in nurturing engagement and loyalty, helping you create a community that not only follows but actively supports your brand.

Subscription Perks

Step into a New Era of Design Excellence with Cleauv Media's Subsciption Model. Our visionary approach is transforming your creative service journey, presenting a range of unparalleled benefits customized to meet your requirements.

One Flat Monthly Fee

Unlimited Requests

Pause and Resume

Speedy Turnaround Time

Sequential Workflow

Hassle-Free Cancellation

Services Offered

Our subscription is more than just the services you see here. It's about turning your creative vision into reality. While our packages include the essentials, we're also here to cater to unique requests that make your brand truly unique.




Email Graphics

Stationary Design

Business Cards



Social Media Graphics

Brand Guides

Digital Ads


Trade Show Banners

Landing Pages



Animated Logos

UI Elements


And More...

Pricing Plans

Say goodbye to fluctuating costs and hello to budget-friendly brilliance, as you enjoy top-tier design and marketing expertise on a fixed monthly basis.

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One request at a time
Average 72 hour delivery
Unlimited users
Unlimited brands
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What Our Customers Say

See how our subscription has changed the course of our clients businesses!

J&R Custom Cabinet Scope of work. Mockup of the website and branding completed.

J&R Custom Cabinets

Dan Hayes

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Lash Boutique Project Scope. Mockup of the Branding & Logo Created For this Company.

The Lash Boutique

Andreanne Kennedy

"Cleauv Media has been excellent to work with on my business rebranding. They have helped me with so much on creating my brand and identity. They are passionate and take pride in their work. Cleauv Media is the perfect company to work with if you are looking at growing your future."
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does “unlimited requests” mean?

Unlimited requests mean that during your 30-day subscription period, you have the freedom to submit as many design requests as you need. However, it's important to note that we focus on one request at a time to ensure top-notch quality and attention to detail. As soon as one request is completed, you're welcome to submit another. The number of requests fulfilled within a month varies depending on project complexity and size, ensuring each design receives the dedicated time it deserves.

Q2. What makes your creative studio/marketing agency unique?

What sets us apart is our innovative subscription-based model, a paradigm shift from the conventional agency approach. Unlike traditional agencies, our model offers exceptional affordability, speed, and simplicity. With us, you'll experience streamlined processes, quicker turnarounds, and a cost-effective solution that maximizes your creative and marketing potential. We're not just a creative studio or marketing agency – we're a revolution in how you experience and benefit from creative services.

Q3. Can you handle projects of different sizes?

Absolutely, we're equipped to handle projects of various sizes, from small to extensive. For larger-scale projects, we also provide individual project options. This allows us to offer a precise pricing estimate tailored to the project's complexity, as these projects might not fit into a standard subscription duration. Our flexibility ensures that your project, regardless of its scope, receives the attention and pricing it truly warrants.

Q4. How do you ensure the quality of your work?

Our subscription model prioritizes your satisfaction through unlimited revisions, ensuring your vision is met to the fullest. Each project receives our undivided focus as we work on one project at a time. This dedication allows us to maintain high-quality standards, ensuring every detail is perfected before moving on. Your experience with us is centered on achieving excellence, one project at a time.

Q5. How does the pause feature work?

If you find yourself with fewer design needs for a given month, our pause feature is your solution. Billing cycles are structured around 30-day periods. For example, if you've used our services for 21 days and choose to pause, your billing cycle will halt, leaving you with 9 unused days that you can utilize whenever it's most beneficial for your business. This way, you're in control of your subscription's pace and usage.

Q6. How does your business model work?

Our business model is centered around subscription-based creativity. With a fixed monthly fee, you gain access to an array of design, marketing, and web services tailored to your business needs. You can submit unlimited requests within your subscription period, ensuring a steady flow of creativity. Whether it's graphic design, online marketing, or website development, our subscription model is designed to provide you with a flexible, cost-effective, and efficient way to elevate your brand without the constraints of traditional project-based pricing.

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